Barshong Goenpa



Old Barshong Lhakhang     






Barshong Goenpa is located between Khaling and Yonphula and can be reachedNew Barshong Goenpa within 20 minutes of drive from Yonphula airport. There are two lhakhangs that are worth visiting here: the old lhakhang that is perched on top of a majestic hill and the new one - Karma Thegsum Dechenling Monastery which was constructed by Ven. 8th Zuri Rinpoche in 2010. The new lhakhang showcase Bhutanese traditional architecture in full grandeur.

New Barshong Goenpa The main lhakhang houses the statues of Lord Buddha, Guru Rinpoche and the eighth incarnation of Karmapa. The entire premise is sorrounded by beautifully carved stone stupas for the well being of all sentient beings.

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