Bhutan Festival Tours

Bhutan with its diverse cultural settings witnesses numerous uqique and sacred festivals (locally known as Tshechu) every year. Most of the festivals in Bhutan date back to the times of Guru Rinpoche's visit to the country in the 8th century.

Tshechu literally means "the tenth day"  and is important in the sense that Guru Rinpoche performed one of his principal acts on this day of each month. Most of the dances during the tshechus are blessed prior to its public display following a sacred and lengthy purification rituals inside the dzongs or lhakhangs. The elderlies flock to witness these dances believing that the appearances of the dancers are much similar to the real deities who are believed to appear after one's death. Witnessing these dances makes them familiar with these deities who are said to disappear as soon as you recognize them or else, one's soul gets even more terrified after death and miss the chance of gaining enlightment in the intermediate "Bardo" state. The young Bhutanese crowds also wearing their best attire look forward to this day where they can witness the colorful dances as well as socialize with each other. It is no surprise therefore, that traditionally, tshechus were common platforms for the young people to meet their future spouses.

Cham Dance Festival

Tshechus are of various kinds, scales and timings. Some tshechus lasts only for a day while some even take five days to complete. However, the central theme remains the same - i.e. overcoming evil and triumph of the good - through colorful dances and simple stories which are easy to understand. Some of the popular tshechus like those of Thimphu and Paro are increasingly getting more crowded every year where getting a good view of the dances will require some sacrifices. Alternatively, visiting some remote places to witness the local tshechus can be rewarding where one can enjoy all the dances and mingle with the smaller crowds.

Visiting to witness one of these festivals require proper planning and advanced bookings as normally it is very difficult to books hotels and other logistic arrangements during the times of tshechus. We recommend at least a six-months prior booking with us to ensure that proper accomodation are being arranged when you arrive in the Kingdom. A complete list and latest dates of the festival can be found at the official Bhutan tourism website.

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