Sherubtse College



Sherubtse College, Kanglung, Bhutan







In Kanglung, besides the Zangdopelri, another place of visit is to Sherubtse College or the Peak of Learning. Founded in the late 1960’s as a Higher Secondary School, Sherubtse College was until recently the only Institute of Higher Learning in the Country. College Zangdopelri, Kanglung, BhutanIt was run by the Jesuits from Canada and Late Father William Mackey was its first Principal. The College has been instrumental in providing the much needed human resource for the country as much of the Graduates were employed by various Ministries, Corporations and Organziations.

Within the campus, one can also make a short visit to the college's Zangdopelri near the northern gate where the students normally pray in the evening.

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